Natural History Walk
Natural History Walk
Natural History Walk
Natural History Walk
Natural History Walk
Natural History Walk

Natural History Walk

  • Location: Monteverde Reserve / Santa Elena Reserve / Curicancha.
  • Schedule: 3h (8:00am or 1:00pm)
  • Price with entrance included: Adults $60 (+12 years), Children $50 (5-11 years).
  • Quantity: Min 2pax / Max 8pax. Collective tour, option to be private.
  • Transport: Not included, but the service can be arranged.

To adapt to the needs of our visitors, we have enabled 2 schedules for this type of tour. The starting times are 8:00 am or 1:00 pm.
It is a 3-hour daytime walk in the forest with a local, naturalist and bilingual guide who is an expert in the area, who gives an in-depth description of the site where you want to go for a walk, since each site is different and has unique features. During the tour you can appreciate the natural beauty and perhaps observe different species of animals.
This is the ideal tour for those nature lovers who want to know about the Monteverde forest.
The naturalist guide is of great importance, since he identifies, teaches, takes photos with the help of the telescope and explains aspects of interest about what is observed. It is the ideal tour to get to know, take photos and enjoy memories that will last forever during your visit to Monteverde.
The distance of the route varies from 2km to 3km depending on the activity of the forest and the trails are very well designed for anyone able to walk. Not recommended for people in wheelchairs or with mobility disabilities. However, there is the option of renting a special golf cart for this type of visitor.
The main objective is to learn more about the Monteverde forest and observe the natural wealth found in it. For this, the guide carries a high definition telescope with him, to have a better appreciation of what is observed.
This activity is very special for people who want to really know the natural wealth that we find in Monteverde and in Costa Rica in general. Costa Rica is world famous for its rich biodiversity and even more so for the abundance of birds found there. For its part, Monteverde is known as a natural paradise and a strategic point for bird watching, especially the Resplendent Quetzal, Toucans, Bell Bird, among others. In addition, different animals are usually found, such as mammals, reptiles or insects.
This is a beautiful experience if you want to know the wonders of nature and observe the jewels found in this beautiful place.

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